Early Sun Kimono


  • 95% Polyester+5% spandex
  • Thermal transfer print
  • All over print
  • Hand wash or machine wash.


Kimono schools have existed in Japan since around the 1970s in reaction to the decline of kimono. Before WWII, kimono was a very common daily thing, but after WWII a lot of Japanese families were suffering economically, and either they could not afford new kimono, did not have the ability to repair kimono themselves, or they were forced to sell kimono in order to gain the financial means to survive. Western clothing, which was much cheaper and easier to wear, was introduced into the local Japanese market and from that point, Japan transitioned into wearing Western clothing on a daily basis and kimono became more of a thing reserved for certain formal occasions such as Shichi-go-san, weddings, and Coming-of-Age ceremony.

There is no singular authoritative school for kimono, there is no ‘one kimono school to rule them all’, and as such different kimono associations focus on different things. Some kimono schools require two or more years of study before you can get your license, some require only one. Some kimono schools are famous for teaching speed dressing and other schools are famous for teaching things such as Japanese royal kimono dressing. Not all schools offer the same thing, and not all schools teach the exact same way to tie more common obi musubi (obi knots). As a result, some people learn from only one kimono school and some people learn from as many kimono schools as possible. It’s up to you!


Soft and high-quality

The main material of this outfit is polyester, this fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch. Simple and practical, not easy to shrink.
Traditional Japanese style
The kimono with the strap is fashionable, retro, elegant, easy to wear, and long-lasting. The Japanese style design open style waterfall, light quality, and loose fit.
Multi-functional use
It is designed with 3/4 sleeves and an open front, perfect for daily wear, outdoor activity, dates, parties and summer, beach, pool, bathroom, and other occasions, or as pajamas. Also, it is a perfect gift for your friends and couples.
High-quality printing
Thermal transfer print has the capability of printing non-fading vivid colors. It is suitable for a variety of fabrics for printing patterns clearly.

Additional information

Weight0.35 oz

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