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Geometric patterns make up one of the three nonfigural types of decoration in Islamic art, which also include calligraphy and vegetal patterns. Whether isolated or used in combination with nonfigural ornamentation or figural representation, geometric patterns are popularly associated with Islamic art, largely due to their aniconic quality. These abstract designs not only adorn the surfaces of monumental Islamic architecture but also function as the major decorative element on a vast array of objects of all types. 


“(…) before 1830, abolitionists were working hard to end slavery. One way they did this was to hold grand fairs to raise both awareness and money for the abolitionist cause. Quilts were one of many craft pieces sold at these fairs. These quilts were usually fine quilts often with beautiful appliqué. Women sometimes put anti-slavery poems and sayings on the quilts they made for fairs as well as for friends and family. The goal was to show the terrible plight of the slaves.

Some abolitionists were active in the Underground Railroad helping runaway slaves get to safety. There are stories that certain quilts were used as signals to help the slaves in their flight to freedom. The idea that a log cabin quilt would be hung on the line of a safe house was one. Stories tell of certain quilts being used to tell the slaves what they needed to do to get to safety.”



A large part of what I do as an ecommerce consultant is read. And then read more. Tech’s progress can be mind-bending, so it’s important to not only stay current but to put that info into context.

COVID-19 Shows Ecommerce’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Chinese e-commerce platforms are scrambling to hire thousands of temporary workers, as the coronavirus outbreak and government-imposed travel restrictions have increased consumer demand for online grocery delivery services.

GIVE: Muslims for Progressive Values

Let’s start creating new things instead of destroying old things. holidays

If you need help during the holidays, here is a great resource: LifeLineChat You will be OK.  — Chris, the "c" in

Human Design: Namsa Leuba

Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender' Published 9th October 2019   Written by Matthew Ponsford, CNN On the Polynesian island of Tahiti, there is said to be something akin to a sixth sense -- one that belongs to neither men nor women. Instead, it...


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