I advise small- to medium-sized retailers how to create effective (and profitable) online stores.

So I decided to create a site that shows what I know to be true and effective in ecommerce. This site is where I get to play with new ideas, test out new technologies and often fail miserably. In public. It’s a test to prove ever-evolving technology is not just “good enough” but gets the job done. And a commitment to future clients that I will always be vigilant.

The primary goal is to show, not tell. And to have some fun along the way. It’s a very real, working ecommerce site. And it’s also a laboratory, teaching tool, portfolio and fun-house. 

If you’re new to ecommerce, or are an experienced geek, I invite you to poke around the site. 

Check back often, this site does not sit quietly for long.


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I use a service to deliver Print-on-Demand (PoD) products. Printify primarily fulfills almost all of my requirements. And they do it well. The main challenge is to match the right design with the right product/media.

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Once I’ve found or created the perfect graphic, the most important detail is that the medium is of high enough resolution to be rendered well in a variety of sizes and on multiple matetrials.

Not all designs work on all products.But when you find the sweet spot, it’s a blast to create virtually anything

You can read more about the technical requirements and issues in a recent post:


A large part of what I do as an ecommerce consultant is read. And then read more. Tech’s progress can be mind-bending, so it’s important to not only stay current but to put that info into context.

The Boring Parts: Hosting & Domains

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Print-on-Demand Custom Orders

The flexibility of print-on-demand (PoD) allows opportunities that have not previously been possible at scale. presents a lot of high-quality products quickly. We can do this because we have partnered with Printify to create our designs using their technology....


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