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Of course you are. Two and a half years of staring at your ceiling fan and worrying if that last trip to the market will be your undoing has its, well, disturbing effects.

What’ll it be? Beach? Mountains? Cruise? No matter, whichever you choose, cgk.ink has got the goods to get you there in style.

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Arturo Rios

Arturo Rios

cgk.ink | the MARKETPLACE showcases the creators with who we work. They are exceptionally talented; uniquely innovative and innovative across media

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cgk.ink | 2022


It’s what we do best. We welcome customers who are engaged and want a truly unique, personal style. We’re all about it.

Our staff listens to what you want, makes sure that the boring technical aspects are correct and then we monitor its production.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR IDEAS. You can upload an image or simply tell us. 

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Live Stream from the Namib Desert Watering Hole

Intermittent interruptions may occur – hey, it’s in a remote destination in the world’s oldest desert after all.

Wildlife in the open landscapes of the Namib tend to be quite skittish, especially when drinking at a man-made waterhole. Naturally animals are vulnerable to predation when they are at a waterhole. 

THIS is what the internet does well. It connects you to the planet. I care about those ostritches.