Soaring Crane Decorative Pillowcase


  • Cotton + Polyester
  • 30cm × 30cm (12″ × 12″); 35cm × 35cm (14″ × 14″); 40cm × 40cm (16″ × 16″); 43cm × 43cm (17″ × 17″); 45cm × 45cm (18″ × 18″);
    50cm × 50cm (20″ × 20″); 55cm × 55cm (22″ × 22″); 78cm × 78cm (31″ × 31″)
  • Thermal transfer pint
  • Double-sided printing (same pattern on both sides)
  • Square pillowcase
  • Hand wash or machine wash.
  • Pillowcase only, the pillow isn’t included.
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Korea’s culture and art, as is the case with any country, is influenced directly and
symbolically by its floral and fauna: in geographic terms the theme of “place”.

The crane itself has a rich cultural representation in all East Asian countries as it is revered as a representation of longevity (the crane can live up to forty years) and constancy (the birds mate for life).The motif of the crane can be found in Chinese and Japanese art and culture as well as Korea’s.
The symbol of the crane was also appropriated by the upper class in Korea as its
image decorated celadon, wall screens, embroidered “rank badges”, and other objects of the
wealthy. Because of the crane’s ritual mating dance there were even court dances based on the
cranes’movements. Lower classes having fewer non-utilitarian possessions
had fewer representations of the crane, but had a strong sense of the crane’s importance in terms of oral tradition.

Soft and comfortable
Doze off comfortably with a one-of-a-kind pillowcase.
Create a luxurious getaway with this super soft and cozy pillowcase.
Counting sheep has never been easier, and sleep never ever felt so good.
High-quality printing
This pillowcase is printed prior to being sewn, allowing for beautiful edge-to-edge printing. Thermal transfer print can maintain the true color of the original picture.


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31"x31", 18"x18", 16"x16", 20"x20”, 17"x17", 14"x14", 12"x12", 22"x22"


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