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We’re fascinated by airlines. Specifically, the airlines operating in the period of c. 1950-1980. During those three decades, something extraordinary happened: design and technology merged for the first time with audacious, striking results. Looking backward at the history of aviation design (graphics, illustrations, photography, couture +), there is a marked shift in how the industry …

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LOOKING good can be bad for the planet. Massive amounts of energy, water and other resources are needed to make clothes. From the pesticides poured on cotton fields to the washes in which denim is dunked, making 1kg of fabric generates 23kg of greenhouse gases on average, reckons McKinsey, a consultancy. Because consumers keep almost every type of apparel only half as long as they did 15 years ago, these inputs go to faster than ever before. More than half of the fastest-fashion items made are chucked away within a year of production. But such rampant retail therapy costs the earth.

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