less is more

We are all connected. This is not a kumbaya moment from us to you. It is real and indisputable. You, your actions, and your thoughts affect everyone and everything around you.

This is neither abstract nor a slogan. It is critically important. Your actions have immediate, measurable and wide-ranging effects.

This inescapable fact is evident in spades when we talk about the degradation of our environment. And this deleterious effect is nowhere more evident than in the fashion industry.

It’s well-documented just how toxic fashion is. And it’s data can be overwhelming. Indeed, only gas & oil production is more polluting.

LOOKING good can be bad for the planet. Massive amounts of energy, water and other resources are needed to make clothes. From the pesticides poured on cotton fields to the washes in which denim is dunked, making 1kg of fabric generates 23kg of greenhouse gases on average, reckons McKinsey, a consultancy. Because consumers keep almost every type of apparel only half as long as they did 15 years ago, these inputs go to waste faster than ever before. More than half of the fastest-fashion items made are chucked away within a year of production. But such rampant retail therapy costs the earth. 

The Environmental Costs of Creating Clothes, Forbes, August 11, 2017

fashion ain’t pretty, doll.

The film below details in great depth the heinous environmental abuse created by a culture of fast fashion. Schein, TEMU, AMAZON, H&M, all create an insatiable lust for disposable apparel.

what this means to you (and cgk.ink):

We’re proud to be an early member of STRIPE’s CLIMATE initiative. We’ve joined over 200K small to large businesses in this industry effort. As our payment processor, we pay a 1% fee to STRIPE’s Carbon Removal efforts. It may not seem like a large amount, but when taken in aggregate, the efforts become powerful.

care to join?


Wherever possible we select environmentally beneficial materials, created responsibly. You can find our latest efforts on this by selecting the ECO-LOGICAL COLLECTION from the SPECIAL COLLECTION menu.


We’ve added the option to contribute a small amount when selecting your shipping method to offset carbon emissions intrinsic in moving your purchase from A to B.


Ecology is only a part of what we care about. We work closely with suppliers and vendors to make sure that our business relationship is founded on fair and equitable compensation and adherence to globally recognized labor laws.