the thing we do not TALK about. WITH YOU. RIGHT NOW. EVEN. THE ‘MU.

O, God.

Everyone I know is very secretive about their addiction to TEMU. None will go on record.

DISCLOSURE: Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m a TEMU addict.

My very smart friend in Manhattan has coined the term: “I’m MU’d.” This woman has a PhD and teaches. High-level literary shit. At Ivy League Colleges.

I feel you friend, I’m constantly sitting on the precipice of diving into MU. We text each other and have a therapy session which always ends up as “so, whatya got in the cart?” It has become a very, very weird 12-step program.

We drew the line at sharing carts cause… we’re friends and honestly, we have both bought the same things so it gets freaky weird, like “OMG! I LUV THE GARDEN WATERING THINGY! IT’S $0.69!” We’re secretly into it. A weird ecommerce thing, concurrently. From LAX to NYC.

TEMU is a wonderland of ecommerce. You literally can order this:

I adore that this is truly an unfettered, uncensored gauge of what people are buying. All curse words are allowed but stop short at porn/hate speech. In essence, how I live my life.

Following is my current jaw-slacking faves (which will change because I spend an inordinate amount of time on this fucking site).

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