Sakura Morning Women’s Indoor Slippers


.: Material: 100% polyester outer-layer and lining
.: Black rubber sole
.: Removable insole


The cherry blossom, also known as a Japanese cherry or Sakura, is the flower of trees in the genus Prunus or the Prunus subgenus Cerasus. Wild species of the cherry tree are widely distributed, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere.[4][5][6] They are common in East Asia, especially in Japan. They generally refer to ornamental cherry trees, not cherry trees grown for their fruit.[7][8] The cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan.[9]

In Europe, from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Collingwood Ingram collected and studied Japanese cherry blossoms and created various ornamental cultivars. The culture of ornamental cherry blossoms soon began to spread. In the United States, ornamental cherry blossoms began to spread after Japan presented them as a token of friendship in 1912.[10] Cherry blossoms have been described as having a beautiful smell, and they often are the inspiration for many candles and incense.

Create unique house slippers for women by adding your unique touch to a comfy staple. Each slipper is made 100% with soft, comfy flannel fleece fabric while the outer sole is flexible, anti-skid, and delivers higher durability along with a better grip on shiny floors. Each pair comes with removable insoles, making possible the use of custom foot orthotics.

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Size Chart

US 7 - 8US 9 - 10US 11 - 12
EU size39 - 4040 - 4142 - 43
Heel to toe (inside), in10.2010.3910.79
Width, in4.024.094.21