Greek Bookends Small Cowhide Wallet

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  • 100% genuine first layer cowhide
  • 9cm x 11cm x 0.8cm (3.54″ x 4.33″ x0.31″)
  • Thermal transfer print


Cowhide can be divided into multiple layers (up to 8 layers). The outermost layer for the first layer of skin is the best quality, followed by the second layers of skin, which strength, elasticity and permeability are not as good as the first layer of skin.

Compact and practical
It is very small and practical, and the wallet has nine slots, which is very delicate, you can slot all your cards, cash notes, and coins in it. It’s very convenient to carry, you can easily put it in your handbag or your pants pocket. The wallet uses high-grade leather, waterproof and durable.
High-quality printing
Thermal transfer print is a technique that is fast and precise to bring your design to the product. Its unique printing allows you to bring your design to real life.

A variety of production factors may cause slight differences between the actual product and the Mock-up, which may be colors, printing position, or size. 

Additional information

Weight0.15 oz


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