Flora Wrapping Papers

Flora Wrapping Papers


.: Material: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available in three sizes: 30″ × 36″, 30″ × 72″ and 30″ x 180″
.: One side print
.: Matte or glossy finish
.: Paper sourced from Germany
.: NB! White space at top and bottom edges with a bar and QR code

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In Japanese culture, Kosumosu (宇宙) flowers represent peace and tranquility, making them a popular choice for gardens and landscapes. They are also believed to symbolize love and harmony, and their delicate petals are often used to represent the purity and innocence of children

Custom wrapping paper printing has never been easier, all thanks to these high-quality 90gsm fine-art wrapping papers. Available in 3x sizes to match all needs, these wrapping papers come with a matte or glossy finish and feature a high-definition print. Paper comes neatly rolled up for an excellent delivery experience.

NB! White space at top and bottom edges with a bar and QR code.



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30" x 36"30'' x 72''30" x 180"
Width, in30.0030.0030.00
Height, in36.0072.00180.00
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