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Marketing does not need to be complicated. Or expensive.

I can advise where to make impressions. Technically, every project I work on integrates tried-and-proven best practices. These include SEO structure, paid advertising, marketing communications and technical support.


What do you have to say? How are you going to say it?

Essentially, I’m a writer. My background is in literature and fine art. With a heavy pour of geeked-out technology stuff. Being language-based allows me to make sense of very complicated and abstract concepts. It also allows me to implement efficient solutions.


Development of ecommerce sites is really just good communication.

I’ve worked in various industries (fashion, entertainment, travel among others). I love learning about new industries and markets and am enthusiastic to learn more about yours.

I have 15+ years experience on multiple platforms. I work primarily using WordPress and WooCommerce, but am experienced with Magento, Big Business, Shopify and others.


Design is so much more than pretty colors and shapes. It’s essential to successful ecommerce projects.

We are inundated with data. Design allows us to make sense of this chaos. Thoughtful, meaningful design becomes intuitive and facilitates your customers’ understanding of who you are, what you make and why you do it.

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