Tender Earth Haori Kimono


  • Polyester
  • Thermal transfer print
  • Haori style
  • Hand wash or machine wash.


The haori (羽織) is a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket worn over a kimono. Resembling a shortened kimono with no overlapping front panels (okumi), the haori typically features a thinner collar than that of a kimono, and is sewn with the addition of two thin, triangular panels at either side seam. The haori is usually tied at the front with two short cords, known as haori himo, which attach to small loops sewn inside the garment.

During the Edo period, economic growth within the wealthy but low-status merchant classes resulted in an excess of disposable income, much of which was spent on clothing. It was during this period that, due to various edicts on dress mandated by the ruling classes, merchant-class Japanese men began to wear haori with plain external designs and lavishly-decorated linings, a trend still seen in men’s haori today.[1]

During the early 1800s, geisha in the hanamachi of FukagawaTokyo began to wear haori over their kimono. Haori had until that point only been worn by men; the geisha of Fukagawa, well known for their stylish and unusual fashion choices, set a trend that saw women wearing haori become commonplace by the 1930s.[2] In modern-day Japan, haori are worn by both men and women.

Breathable and comfortable

This all-over print haori is made of smooth and breathable polyester fabric to produce a shirt of beautiful design. It’s lightweight and thin for hot weather. 
Fashionable to match
A haori is a loose-fit jacket in vintage style, which goes great with your shorts, slides, swimsuits, and jeans. An all-over print haori is suitable for many styles of design.
High-quality printing
Thermal transfer print is a technique for all-over print with its fast speed and precision in printing color. The all-over print technique gives no limits to your beautiful design.

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