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It’s been a long time.

Not travelling goes against who we are as a species. Humans like to check out other places on the planet. Maybe it’s warmer, or safer, or more beautiful than where we’re at. Or maybe it’s time we broke quarantine and lived like we meant it.

cgk.ink has curated some of the best travel gear and made it unique to you.

Suitcases, Duffels & Totes

Keep yer shit together! Stylish, dependable and sturdy. Just like our men. Pack it like you mean it.

cgk.ink | 2022

Necessary Accessories

One may not travel well if one chooses flip flops and tank tops. Please, think of the children.

Where are Your Papers?

Convenient, discreet and always ready for all the phone numbers thrown at you and the attendant illicit “things.” Self-destruct and military-grade encryption optional.

cgk.ink | 2022


We can’t help. Try Google Maps. We can remind you of when travel wasn’t such a pain in the ass. Revisit a time when First Class really was.