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It’s not an afterthought. It surrounds you and speaks volumes about who you are and how you see the world.


Lighting is a versatile design element. It can spotlight, obscure, or give nuance. It creates an important part of your overall style.


The bedroom is the most important room in your home. We’ve designed some spectacular designs just for it.

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We’re focusing on three different cultures with intertwined cultures. Each vibrantly expresses its distinct style while maintaining connections with a common heritage.

The oldest continuous artistic expression on Earth. Exceptionally advanced pottery, painting and stoneware pre-date almost all other cultures. Influential beyond its own borders, Chinese art formed the region’s traditional expression.

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Isolated and yet worldly at the same time, Japanese artworks are an expression of secular and religious symbolism; royal wealth and everyday work. Outstanding woodwork, textiles and calligraphy create a robust creative legacy unique in the world.

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Strategically positioned, Korea retained its independence and developed extraordinary traditions of ceramics, metalworking and decorative art. Cross-cultural influences created a rich vocabulary of form, design and artistic expression.

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