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I’m going to refer to a rather queer novelist: Ronald Firbank. His novels are written with breathless anxiety, urging you to keep on, damn everything else. Yeah, like a telenovela. But In England. To get an idea, his bio on Wikipedia reviews the novel that would put him on the map:

Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli (1926) begins with the Cardinal christening a dog in his cathedral (‘And thus being cleansed and purified, I do call thee “Crack”!’) and ends with His Eminence dying of a heart attack while chasing, naked, a choirboy around the aisles.[5]

I know, right? Yeah, I’m all-in, too. Here, I know you’re gonna do it anyway: the full-length motherfucking book. I seriously cannot keep this a secret. It’s… it just is.

Copywriting is an integral part of any ecommerce project. It allows the consumer to see the real seller on human terms, rather than data sets created algorithmically.

Artificial intelligence (AI) aspires to mimic our particular eccentricities. They just can’t right now. It allows us the space to be creative and expand our knowledge. I’d welcome your feedback (written in perfect style, tone, voice, and appropriately formatted). Lack of attention to the regulations and procedures shall result with very stiff penalties which will stick to your name forever. ‘K?

output onlinepngtools 5 300x300 ABOUT: The Gentleman Octopus Collection & Unfunny ContentMy Point?

Well played. In short, it’s your damn site, have fun with it. When somethiung is made from joy and a sense of fun, it is, like several other rather more serious matters, infectious. It’s a win-win. You get to have a happy day and you also get to play with your brand. Too many sites rely on preconceived (coincidental) assumptions about their market. And they take themselves way too seriously. If you start playing with the tone and voice of your site, it leads to all sorts of fun, attractive and innovative approaches to your business model as a whole.

So, go have some fun. But be a respectful gentleman whilst doing so.

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The Gentleman Octopus has very little use, nor patience for rude and inappropriate behaviour.