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I can’t possibly go on designing happy fun things while an insane war rages in Ukraine. I just can’t. So, I have to do something.

I’m reluctant to make this a category, per se, on this site because that lends it permanence and credibility, neither of which I want to associate with this vile inhumanity.

I’m exploring how to contribute a portion of profits to the Ukrainian Red Cross. As you can imagine, they’re a little busy right now, so I think I just need to create, sell and cut the check. Everything’s happening so quickly. I don’t mean to be vague (transparency is always my goal). tl;dr: Watch this space.

I made this card last night. A lot of me is in it. I shy away from heavy handed religion and politics, but I found some small amount of beauty in this. I’d love to hear what you think about it.