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the MARKETPLACE is a place where we celebrate the creators with who we work.

Creating is not a solo journey. We are constantly influenced by those who came before; changed by our environment; given vision by communities.

cgk.ink actively welcomes other creators to share their work on this platform.

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cgk.ink | Little Shiva

Little Shiva

Witty. Daring. Slightly odd and always fun. Little Shiva produces stunning designs for magazines, books, apparel and housewares.

She has created several exclusive design on cgk.ink (see them here).

Go to Little Shiva’s site.

cgk.ink | Arturo Rios

Arturo Rios

We are excited to present our newest collection. It brings forward a playful, yet elegant tone to haute couture hats. Turn heads, make statements or just have fun, this collection broadens the range of occasions to wear a custom-made hat.

See Arturo’s most recent collections!

cgk.ink | Lee Daly Designs

Lee Daly Designs


 Visit LeeDalyDesigns.com. 


cgk.ink | MyPhysicology


Physicology is a new way of viewing, treating and optimizing the human body. We look at the body, mind, and soul as one interconnected, wholistic unit and suggest that if something exists in the body, mind and soul, it exists for “real.”

Learn more about MyPhysicology.com

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