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Ecommerce evolves every day. Sometimes multiple times a day.

A big part of my job is to understand that evolution in context. I’m fairly meticulous when quoting sources. It’s important to understand the publisher’s intent and audience. Or lack of those.

I’m also very keen on cutting through the bullshit that most technology companies employ to either distract from, or discount their losses and absence of vision.

Dear (insert tech company name here),

You are not here to “save the world.” You are here to make your investors happy. You know, those people who bought your bullshit over at Sand Hill Rd.? Also, you’re to make things, not be the Second Coming. Jesus may be busy, but he doesn’t need a project manager, K? Get back to work, “big idea wo/man.”



We do not accept advertisements. We wouldn’t know how to sell your data. And if we did, we’re much more interested in making it through our workday unscathed and/or not traumatized. Also, our dogs would totally hate us for it and we’re not into that. So, you’re kinda low on the “to do” list from a larger perspective.

Below are some ideas and opinions.