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The Gentleman Octopus

Unfailingly polite in even the direst of situations, The Gentleman Octopus is punctual, well-groomed and places the needs of others before his own.


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Exotic Tales.

output onlinepngtools 5 300x300 THE GENTLEMAN OCTOPUS COLLECTIONTravels to the Papau and the New Guinea proved challenging but well worth the effort. Would that one were interested, one could browse through the selections.

The cordials will be served promptly at four this afternoon.

Harrowing Escapes

output onlinepngtools 3 300x240 THE GENTLEMAN OCTOPUS COLLECTIONOften, our Gentleman can find himself in rather (innocently) unlikely situations.

Stern, Yet Loving Care

output onlinepngtools 2 298x300 THE GENTLEMAN OCTOPUS COLLECTIONThe Gentleman has eight tentacles and nine brains. What are you doing with your life? See? He cares.