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Humans are very good at denial. Santa Claus, for example, or Trump. Those jeans do not make you look fat and my dog loves me.

There are, however, some unsettling truths. Global Warming, has, for some reason, become a spectacle of denial.

Science, the real, empirical kind, has a way of deflating claims of coincidental information.

Nations may make pledges to lower carbon emissions and corporations may greenwash their actions. The real power lies within us, the individual. If there were no demand for toxic plastics, they would not be produced. Likewise, clear-cutting the Amazon; CO2-creating industries and ocean dumping.

This is not easy for myriad reasons. But we can, collectively, change the graph’s ever-upward march.

We’ve selected items which utilize sustainable materials and methods of production. We’ve included items that leave smaller carbon footprints. These are small steps, but important ones.

We really do not have a choice.

About the designs:

The climate stripes were created by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading.

Explore more stunning (and disturbing) visualizations at ShowYourStripes.info/


What We've Done Together

We’ve set an amount of donating $1,000 in total.

Just 1% of your cgk.ink purchase goes to this fund. To be clear, cgk.ink donates this, not our clients.

cgk.ink has become a Stripe Climate member. We’re keen on what they are doing and how they are doing it:


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