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We’re inspired by the wealth of imagery available online. We create our own designs, but rely heavily on unsplash.com which is phenomenal. Everything posted is hi-res and copyright free, although we try to attribute the original to it’s author. We welcome work created by individuals! CONTACT >

Like a pattern? An image? Contact us with a copy of the image and let’s see how we can make into something personal and unique.

Tell us about your design >


  1. Custom designs based on pattern may incur additional fees which will be communicated before production.
  2. We have a strict copyright and trademark infringement policy and will absolutely refuse to produce any request or submission of such images, text, and facsimiles.
  3. We retain the right to refuse to process certain images which contain hate speech or abusive images.
  4. Any product designed using this service is non-refundable and not-returnable. We’ll work with you to provide detail so that you’re certain it is what you want.

Confused? Have questions? Concerns? Special requests? We’d love to hear em. We’re here at:

support@cgk.ink or 213 245 1125 PACIFIC 9AM through 5PM (0900 – 1700)

We’re based in Downtown Los Angeles, California