It's a very crowded market, but also an interconnected one. The beauty of ecommerce is you really can be anywhere and everywhere.


Sales channels are a wonderful thing. They’re also a horrible thing since each one has its own particular way of doing things. And they change those procedures whenever they want to. What worked yesterday may not today.

I’ve spent a lot of time understanding how each processes your data and how best to stay nimble in a rapidly evolving market.

FBA Can Bankrupt You

The concept is simple enough to anyone who understands drop shipping. You purchase bulk items from a third party — usually one located in a country where wages and expenses are insanely low — then mark them up and sell them online without ever touching a package.

Ecommerce’s Dirty, Little Environmental Problem

The first wave of ecommerce businesses had at their core a utopian belief that they would do no harm, they would save the Earth, they would benefit everyone and they would, accordingly, usher in a new, socially responsible corporate culture. Didn’t quite work out that...

Amazon Drops Their No-Compete Pricing Policy

from CNN Business: Amazon sellers just got a little more freedom. The e-commerce company will no longer prohibit its third-party sellers from listing their products on other sites for less than they do on Amazon's US site. The change comes amid concern that the...