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No matter how snappy and engaging your site's design is, the physical act of fulfilling an order is Priority #1. Period.


It’s not a difficult function of your business, but it can undo you if not managed properly. I’ve worked some the best logistics firms out there and have a solid understanding of what warehousing and fulfillment companies can, and can not do. And, how to avoid the biggest mistakes that can cripple any business.

Warehousing and fulfillment are like a custom suit (or dress). Exactly how much attention have you paid to your data? Is your data in fine enough shape to accommodate?

Streaming Instructs Ecommerce

How Streaming Is Reinventing E-Commerce What Netflix, HBO Max, and others can teach us about doing business better online. BY MICHAEL LEVITZ, CHIEF BUSINESS OFFICER, REAKTOR@REAKTORNOW I'm going to repost a very insightful article from Inc. Normally, I'd edit and...

Summer 2021: Redux & Tan Lines

Ecommerce just got very, very real, people. I am very keen on watching how businesses adapt. And I’m seeing some very good signs that small businesses (my focus at cgk.ink) are moving at light speed. Mistakes are happening everywhere and that’s a great sign that individuals and groups are experimenting and pushing limits.

4 Things to Contemplate About Ecommerce

In other words, stop annoying your customers. I’m pretty sure no one wishes to receive more unsolicited emails.

SHIPPING: An Unsustainable Nightmare

Ecommerce has a disconnect problem. The ease of pressing "ORDER" is diametrically opposed to the real-world effort that goes on when you transact with a retailer. In a brief article, Forbes' Retail’s Future: Open-Air, Curbside, And Data-Driven by Investing writer Greg...

COVID Pushes Ecomm Over the Top

Societies do not change gracefully. Behind major shifts in how humans go about their days often stand unspeakably horrid events: war, plague, famine, flood.

Robots Deliver, No Mask Needed

Fulfillment warehouse robots are having a moment as online shopping continues to increase during the pandemic. The hot market for autonomous fulfillment solutions has helped Locus Robotics, which makes autonomous mobile robots for use in fulfillment warehouses, raise an additional $40 million during a successful Series D this week.

Shipping and the Messy Part About Returns

Overall, about 10% of all purchases are returned, according to industry estimates. But items bought online are three times more likely to be returned than those bought in-store. For some categories of clothing —think shoes and women’s jeans — more than half of online purchases are returned.

Quarantine & Ecommerce

Quarantine does have its advantages. Dressing up means wearing pants. You now have a rock-solid excuse to not speak to your shitty neighbor. Groceries are delivered and you never even have to face the delivery person (who is definitely shaming you in their head for...

Curate or Die

We're cultural slobs. Our propensity for swallowing, huge, shit-loads of pop crap is astounding. Yes, please, I would like some promo for a shitty movie with my McDonald's meal. We don't think twice about what we consume. Or how we behave... O, the list goes on....

Porn + Food = Ecommerce

“A real inflection point for online shopping as we know it today could be traced to around 2017. By the end of the prior year, many Americans were “starting to shop online as often as [they] take out the trash”; according to the Pew Research Center, eight in 10 Americans used a computer or phone to buy something online that year – as opposed to the just 22% who did so in 2000.”