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cgk.ink is very connected

We actively pursue connections, affiliations, and cooperatives to explore how ecommerce revolutionizes our economy on a daily basis. 

This means more than just inviting other designers to our marketplace, it means working with them to get a clear vision of how their work might transfer to digital marketplaces, how to take advantage of the newest functions of technology and, most importantly, how to sell and fulfill efficiently.

We’re pleased that one of the most innovative designers in Europe has agreed to work with us. Little Shiva is an artist based in Charleroi, Belgium who has designed, illustrated and fabricated a fantastic portfolio that focuses on education, jazz, animals and well, whatever she feels like. And she has agreed to design several exclusive designs found only on cgk.ink. How cool is this?

She is, of course, well known by The Gentleman Octopus and has created some stunning new products.

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Little Shiva

We’re also working with organizations, non-profits, individuals, and collectives to bring us together and find weird, unexpected ways that ecommerce is presenting itself to us.

Wanna join? Drop us a note!