Go Ballooning on Jupiter

A perfect pillow to dream of floating above through the Jovian Clouds. Don’t forget the champagne. And the pressure suit.

Tread on New Worlds

Who says astronaut gear has to be boring? High quality and tailored to your taste, these boots rock any planet.

Lost in Space?

It sucks when you lose your luggage. It totally sucks when you’re traveling to an Exoplanet. A sweet selection of luggage tags make your bags stand out.

Stay Classy

You didn’t check your style when you landed on Enceladus, did you? Impress the natives (if they have eyes) with our selection of extra-special accessories.

Hold It Together!

Interstellar travel is complicated and you have to carry a lot of stuff: oxygen, water, handiwipes, rocketship keys, it gets overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a great selection of bags and totes.

Mom Went to Europa and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

Sure, you’re a space traveler, but you’re also gonna look like a dick when you don’t bring back souvenirs.

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