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A small message from cgk.ink.

War can only be defeated by love. Unconditional, unrestricted, unbound and continuous. The unconditional love you seek is within you. Share it.

We do not need to live in fear.

Little side note. I have it on good authority that Putina (not poutine, heads up mes amis Quebecois) has chosen “she/her” as pronouns. It’s very hush hush and pronouns have been weaponized!

Just understand, you’ll be talking with an insane, evil person and then go about your day.

That’ll be all.

PS: she kinda has some good points and the sneakers are fucking hawt but the whole purple thing? They make latex gloves that color? WHA? WHAT IS GOING ON?

PPSS: “Putina” is now the OED/MLA/Columbia standard when referring to the “president” of the former Soviet Union (*burn!).

CCCP indeed. And really? Heart attacks and clumbsy poisons? C’mon, you’re better than that. Just make sure you weight the dead bodies down.