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I’ve written a lot about “fast fashion” and, by extension, the insatiable need we have for more things.

Fashion, or more specifically, apparel (which is a product of fashion) is an insanely destructive industry. It is second only to energy production in its potency to debride our planet. Like most wonderfully satisfying things in life, it’s toxic (would you like a drink? Cigarette? Drugs? Saturated Fat?). Our current weird capitalism-hypnosis-coma is a deal with the devil. And the contract is now payable.

How long will we laud designers who relish in destroying resources that belong to all humans?

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This looks suspiciously like Melania Trump. Don’t think so? Check this out: 

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I can quote facts. I can display infographics. And I have. Statistics are easy to corral, no matter the intent. Let’s just get to the point: our consumption is, honestly, consuming us. As in “consumption.”

The video below is far more eloquent than I may ever be:

Want to do something about this? And you’re waiting for what? A good reason? Well, this is an outstanding resource. Congrats CFDA, great work!

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Being buried in Dior saved not one of us.