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None of us will ever be as cool as the fine, young men and women of the US Space Force.

It’s too easy to laugh at this. Try it!

“Heh Space Cadet, you left your wallet on the counter.”

Now try it without the giggles.

It’s like a punch line without the joke. And I’m fascinated. I may, potentially try to be recruited if they’re in need of gay, rapidly aging men. I’ll just hang out at the front door of the InterGalaxy Command HQ downtown with a come-hither smile.

Gizmodo Nails it:

Being a pacifist and all, I don’t get the military culture. Not judging, just ya know, Greek to me. So this post made me laugh out loud and also question humanity’s grasp of reality:

Emblem of Space Delta 6’s 23rd Space Operations Squadron
Graphic: NASA/Space Force/Gizmodo

Winner: 23rd Space Operations Squadron. If we were doing a straightforward ranking of the individual emblems, Space Delta 6’s squadrons would take several of the top spots. The overall winner earns its spot with solid on-theme iconography combined with a space wizard and the number 23, the most enigmatic of all numbers.

You, Too Can Be a Space Cadet!

Be prepared to:

I figure “boot camp” would be a Business Class flight to some 18-hour away place. Then, Advanced Jet Lag Therapy, followed by Emergency Aromatherapy and a Mindfulness/Isolation Tank thingy. Then it’s weight training… IN SPACE which uses a lot of rubber bands (no gravity, but you knew that). Next, we practice how not to make a bad face when drinking our own urine. SURPRISE! It’s a Châteauneuf-du-Pape! PSYCH! Then we have a community meeting where we talk about our feelings.

Be valorous, progressive (in a weird way) and potentially a neo-Republican who has grown tired of reigning over women’s wombs and now have your very small, rat-like eyes set on dominating THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. I present:

For me, it’s a toss-up between the octopus and the gargoyle. I’m leaning towards the octopus, but would like some BeDazzler action or some sequins.

Which is your favorite?