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I’m so happy that my work is sought after by non-Americans. 

I’ve spent most of my youth living in Western Europe and it is one of the most important influences in my life. So, I am making large strides to make this site available to everyone, no matter your language or currency.

To highlight some new functions to this site:

Currency Conversion

At the bottom of every page is an easy dropdown to give you the price of any item in your local currency.

Please note (from the creators of this service:)

Exchange Rates

Rates are retrieved from the WooCommerce Payments server on a daily basis. You also have the option of setting a manual rate when managing a currency, which will override the automatic rate.

Disclaimer: Exchange rates are not accurate to the minute and may differ from what you’ll find when looking at historical exchange rates. The exchange rates will also vary slightly from the rate used at the time of transaction.

Machine Translation

AI can be either scary as hell or revolutionary. To make all the information on this site, we’ve decided to use the Google Translator which works pretty well. We’re a multilingual group over here at cgk.ink, but we can’t cover 80+ languages. Reach out to us and we will always accommodate.