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I develop, implement and maintain successful ecommerce sites for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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This is where I write about new concepts in ecommerce. It’s by no means encyclopedic. Topics vary, but mostly I dig deep into what challenges and opportunities are happening in ecommerce and digital marketplaces.


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This is where I actually do the shit I talk about. Fir realz.

Clear? Like a jellyfish.

Unsplash, Thank You!
As I become more interested in Print on Demand (PoD) technology, I also find that my design and creative mind is along for the journey I am not a graphic designer. Or a designer at all. I'm a language guy. I'm finding that design and art function a lot like language....
Getty Just Dicked Over Photographers
Is DRM Dead? Looks like the market just corrected that error:
Shopify, Drop Shipping and You.
Drop-shipping is not necessarily an evil thing.   But it is a hell of a lot of problematic to base a business on.   Drop shipping is, in a nutshell, a really shitty proposition. It goes something like this: You find a supplier in Asia (usually China) who...
The Boring Bits: Hosting & Domains
A client recently requested that they move off Shopify and onto Wordpress. I'm happy to help with technical issues for my clients, but as I dug around for hosting plans and domain registrations, a few things became very clear: Managed Wordpress Hosting For years, I...
There's something deeply disturbing whenever one uses the word "warehouse" as a verb. Especially when the objects are human. This John Oliver piece makes me think twice when reveling in the fact that my order arrives almost before I placed it. Why yes, how did you...