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The State of the Amazon

Amazon still dominates online sales in the U.S., with some 40% share according to eMarketer, brick-and-mortar stores still drive 85% of all retail sales, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. E-commerce also remains an expensive way to sell products, including at Amazon, which last month warned that profits could vanish in the holiday quarter.

The State of Global ecommerce: INFOGRAPHICS

Ecommerce continues to post record numbers. It is quickly becoming the dominant retail channel.

In general, ecommerce seems unstoppable.

Amazon is a Fucked Up, Evil Dolphin

Amazon is a Fucked Up, Evil Dolphin


One of Amazon's best features is that returns are free and easy. I know, I do it a lot. It's a staple in ecommerce, especially when you sell tangible items (clothing, perfume, anything that you need to sense, really). Ecommerce does a lot of things, but tactile is not...
Porn + Food = Ecommerce

Porn + Food = Ecommerce

“A real inflection point for online shopping as we know it today could be traced to around 2017. By the end of the prior year, many Americans were “starting to shop online as often as [they] take out the trash”; according to the Pew Research Center, eight in 10 Americans used a computer or phone to buy something online that year – as opposed to the just 22% who did so in 2000.”

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