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Color Theory

It’s a basic knowledge that goes a long way. That beautiful blue flower you see in the garden in real life is going to look very, very different when it is rendered in CMYK on a t-shirt. There are literally thousands of apps that assist in mitigating this difference (or manipulating it all together). 

Kourtney Kardashian: Eco-Spokesthing, kinda

The Guardian has this most amazing writer: Niloufar Haidari. She is a freelance writer from London who has written for Vice, Vogue and Crack Magazine. And she is awesome and has become my favorite new writer. ASIDE: trying to contact you, Niloufar, for a response, but...

Global Warming Stripes

No words. No numbers. No graphs. Just a series of vertical coloured bars, showing the progressive heating of our planet in a single, striking image. The climate stripes were created by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading in 2018. They show clearly and...

Your Digital Carbon Footprints Are Everywhere

I think the term “environmentalism” is concerning, if not just rude. “Saving the planet/whales/rainforest” is not some odd thing you do on the weekend. Birkenstocks are not required and global warming is not a theory. Be a human and look around. We’ve treated this planet like shit.