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What do you do to stay cool? Summer is perhaps the best season. For frolicking around in your underwear and getting tan. We change when the temperature approaches 100 degrees. We relish fun and let loose. Let's do it in style and show our best when dancing around...


We're preparing new collections constantly. Recently, we decided to delve deeply into Indian art history. And we're fascinated. It's difficult to comprehend that 6,000 years ago, the finer points of figurative art were being discussed and produced. We're talking way...

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A well-curated collection of everything “cocktail hour.” Sounds like a de luxe pool party.

Global Advances

I’m so happy that my work is sought after by non-Americans. Here are some tools to make cgk.ink easier for our growing international guests.

Mandalas: You Are the Microcosm

Mandalas: You Are the Microcosm

Mandalas in China, Japan, and Tibet are basically of two types, representing different aspects of the universe: the garbha-dhatu (Sanskrit: “womb world”; Japanese taizō-kai), in which the movement is from the one to the many; and the vajra-dhatu (Sanskrit: “diamond [or thunderbolt] world”; Japanese kongō-kai), from the many into one.

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