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They kinda felt like our friends. But they’re kinda like oil companies. You needed em, but far away from you.

Also, I personally like a bail out. $1,200? Put some motherfucking serious sequential zeroes on that.

Unlike real life, nothing here is required and you’ll remain anonymous UNLESS YOU’RE A HUGE DIVA AND NEED TO PROMOTE YOSELF ONLINE AND SHIT. OK, enough, get to work 4C is irate. (jus txt me)


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Blueprint For The First Gay Airline

Too Fabulous passengers don’t need tickets. We know who you are. Our already generous luggage limit is waived for you.



A large part of what I do as an ecommerce consultant is read. And then read more. Tech’s progress can be mind-bending, so it’s important to not only stay current but to put that info into context.

Curate or Die

We're cultural slobs. Our propensity for swallowing, huge, shit-loads of pop crap is astounding. Yes, please, I would like some promo for a shitty movie with my McDonald's meal. We don't think twice about what we consume. Or how we behave... O, the list goes on....

New Payment Options

Online payment methods have seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years. The standard, PayPal, has dominated the ecommerce payment market for years (1999 to be exact). It is, by far, the most widely used payment service.But there are several competing...

COVID-19 Shows Ecommerce’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Chinese e-commerce platforms are scrambling to hire thousands of temporary workers, as the coronavirus outbreak and government-imposed travel restrictions have increased consumer demand for online grocery delivery services.

GIVE: Muslims for Progressive Values

Let’s start creating new things instead of destroying old things.


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